“Ross, you scored a hat trick with our staff and they were raving about your talk all day! You offered a great blend of humor, emotion, stories and content—and it was a perfect message for our team to hear.” — Chuck Runyon, CEO, Anytime Fitness
“Ross, I wanted to drop you a note to share a small but impactful story. I am working through mid-year reviews with all of my key reports and I had one leader that has really been on fire this last quarter in many different ways. When I asked what has been the difference in performance, he shared that he felt so inspired by YOUR speech at our management conference that it forced him to do a little soul searching and realize he was not coming close to touching his potential. What an impact! Thanks, man!” — David Lenzmeier, CEO, Milk Specialties Global
“Ross, Australia already misses you! We miss your energy and your positive attitude towards life! Your presentation was so powerful. Thanks again for your contribution into making our conference such a great success. More importantly, thanks for doing your bit in the world — instilling values and sharing wisdom to make the world a better place — and to make us into better human beings. I am so looking forward to our next audience to hear your story in Singapore — they too will be bowled over!” — Verna Wing, Head of Licensee Conferences, AMP
“Ross, thank you so much for being a part of the Chatham Steel team and speaking at our annual sales meeting in Savannah (GA). The surveys from our attendees showed an overwhelmingly positive feedback with regards to your presentation — thank you for taking the time to specifically tie your message into our organization. Our folks really came away from your speech with the opportunity to make choices on how they would become not just a better team member, but a team member who helps to make Chatham a more successful team with all the characteristics of a champion. I will continue to sing your praises with my colleagues, thanks again!” — Jerry Rooney, President, Chatham Steel
“Dear Ross, You were fantabulous! Thank you for the outstanding presentation that you gave to the Therapedic International group this past week in Las Vegas. You exceeded all our expectations of excellence. ‘High Energy,’ ‘Amazing,’ ‘Riveting,’ ‘Electric,’ these were just some of the responses I received from our group in describing your presentation. You were terrific. I look forward to the next time.” — Gerry Borreggine, CEO, Therapedic International
“Ross, I just wanted to say thank you again for participating in a great couple of Peak Performer meetings for Allianz. I can’t tell you enough just how pleased we were with your message and the reaction to it from our top wholesalers. The ultimate goal of our meetings was to instill confidence, unify the team, excite them for the opportunities in front of us and inspire them to be their best. Your Champion's Code presentation did all of that for us and much more. Thanks again!” — Jim Maietta, Sr. Vice President, Allianz Life Financial Services
“Hey Ross, finally coming up for air after an incredible four days of managers meeting — just wanted to let you know that you TRULY made a positive difference at our meeting. Can't tell you the number of leaders that came up to me to comment on your message and how it had a positive impact on them. Would love to stay connected. You are a talent and I want to ensure we support you however we can!! Thanks again!” — Jim Caldwell, Senior Vice President of Operations, The Brick Group (Canada)
“Ross, thank you so much for your amazing ‘Champion’s Code’ presentation at S.P. Richards’ Advantage Business Conference in Orlando. Your program scored the highest rating in terms of overall value to our customers and their businesses (other speakers included TV’s Jeff Foxworthy and ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Captain Sully Sullenberger). Feedback forms were jam- packed with superlatives like ‘Passionate!’ ‘Very inspiring!’ and ‘Best motivational 75 minutes I've ever attended!’ The enthusiasm carried over into the hallways after your session and a number of people stopped me specifically to thank me for hiring you. Thanks for helping to make our event the best ever!” — Sandra Williams, Director of Dealer Training and Development, S.P. Richards Company
“Ross did an extraordinary job – he's a super human! Nothing but rave reviews!! What a great start for our week! Thank you so much for your help! Hope we can work together again soon!” — Mike Mecham, CMP, Senior Planner, Levi Strauss & Co
“Ross, I just wanted to thank you once again for keynoting our Coloplast national sales conference! Throughout the rest of the meeting, during the awards banquet, and in closing comments they referenced you and some of the things you shared with them, many times. You were exactly what they needed, your passion left them so energized! It was such a pleasure to work with you. You went above and beyond to over-exceed my, as well as my client’s, expectations. You are a master at your craft and I love your enthusiasm and passion — it certainly resonated through the audience. Your knack of intertwining the sports world and the business world is incredible — you leave a lasting impression and provoke many thoughts. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart! I look forward to our next venture together!” — Susan Robertson, Principal, Docherty Incentives & Meetings
Ross, I wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for your outstanding efforts last week. It was an awesome way to wrap up the week for our leadership team. They were still talking about you Saturday morning and better yet, I think your message will have a real long-term impact on their leadership efforts. You made a difference for our team and for that I am truly grateful. Thanks again Ross! — Steve Keating, Senior Manager, Sales and Leadership Development, Toro
“Ross, you did a fabulous job keynoting our annual conference! Your message was well received and brought tears to my eyes and to others around me. Thanks again for everything you did to help make our conference a success!” — Audrey Langlois, CMP, CMM | Manager, Meetings, Events & Travel, Buffalo Wild Wings
“Ross, I cannot tell you how many people came up to me and made the comment ‘This Guy is Good!’ Your passion was enjoyed and your message was relevant, in my opinion you really hit a home run! I will look forward to working with you again in the future. Feel free to use me as a reference at any time, I will be glad to tell anybody why THEY MUST HIRE ROSS BERNSTEIN!!” — Mike Gunnells, Sr. Manager Business Solutions, PPG - Automotive Refinish
“Ross, you brought the house down yesterday, people were still talking about it today!! Your presentation really dovetailed with our message and when you hit certain points, I knew they were completely aligned with what we were trying to tell them.” — Scott Smith, President, FactRight
“Ross, thank you so much! We could not have asked for a better opening key note speaker for our conference! Your understanding and support of MPI is outstanding! Thank you again Ross!” — Beth Price, Business Development Manager - Visit Vancouver & MPI Cascadia Conference co-chair
“Ross’ message around high performance and what defines excellence in leadership using the sports world as an analogy was a huge hit…actually it was a grand slam home run…with our team members…they came away inspired and stoked.” — Pat Donovan, CEO, Bremer Bank
“One of the best presentations I have ever heard. Very motivational – real life ideas that I am applying to my business and team along with life lessons for personal growth. I have been to numerous Chairman Circle meetings and SVP meetings along with other high producing agent get-togethers and this was the best of the best.” — Kim Nybo, State Farm Insurance
“Dear Ross, Many thanks for sharing your personal story of volunteerism with the employees of The Toro Company. In appreciation for your presentation, we are happy to make a $5,000.00 donation to your passion, The Herb Brooks Foundation. As we celebrate ‘A Century of Volunteerism,’ we continue to be humbled by those individuals who give so generously of their time to help others. You serve as one of those who have touched many lives and will continue to do so in the years to come. Best wishes for continued success in your important work.” — Judson McNeil, Director, The Toro Company Giving Program
“Ross started our day with a home run. His high energy, humor and ability to make a connection with every audience member was exactly what we needed to start our Education Summit. One attendee told me after his presentation that “we don’t have speakers like Ross at our events, he was fantastic.” — Michael Nelson, Director, North Central Business Travel Association.
“Ross was one of the most entertaining and thought-provoking speakers we have had at a chapter event in the recent past. He kept us engaged for the full 1 hour and 45 minutes with laughter and tears. I was inspired just watching how passionate he was about the presentation - it was infectious! As president-elect of the chapter who has experienced both the planner and supplier sides of the industry, so much of the presentation hit home for me. Ross provided clear examples of how we as meeting professionals can strive to do better each day. The point that really stuck with me was passion and that people choose to do business with those who are very passionate about what they do. That sums up most meeting professionals I know! Thank you Ross for the inspiration and your genuine and sincere presentation. I would not hesitate to recommend this session to EVERY MPI Chapter!” — Alison Huber, CMP, Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau, President MPI Wisconsin 2013
“Ross gave one of the most interesting motivational talks I've EVER heard! He was beyond interesting, he was challenging and real in the material he presented. It was polished, had super graphics and supporting data, and all of it presented upbeat with a ‘first person’ feel to it. This guy is a prolific sports writer with over 50 books to his credit. If you know me, you know I don't follow ANY sports at all. For me to be that intrigued is saying a lot. I am looking forward to reading some of his books and learning all I can from Ross!” — Nick Coury, Mahindra
“Fantastic job today Ross - it was a home run! I've been receiving nothing but positive comments about your presentation, you really set the tone for the entire afternoon. On behalf of our leadership and colleagues, thank you!” — Michele Bartos, Vice President, Detroit Red Wings
“Ross, it was a privilege having you with us today for our annual staff meeting. I had so many positive comments from my staff which no doubt was a testimonial to your presentation. You should know I have hosted annual meetings since I have been the police chief and have always gotten a motivational speaker to address the staff. I have brought in war veterans, blind musicians, police officers who have suffered incapacitating injuries and others who provided similar messages to what you delivered this afternoon. With all sincerity, no one previously made a better presentation than you, where it is very evident you have an ingratiating personality which draws people towards you. Without question, you have wonderful attributes. I am proud to now consider you my friend — if there is something I can help you or your family with in the future, please feel free to contact me directly. Thank you again Ross!” — James McDonald, Chief of Police, Eagan (MN) Police Department
“Ross, thanks for being our Keynote speaker at our Fall Sales Rally - you really hit it out of the park! I am still hearing how phenomenal you were and how everyone really took away some great points in your presentation. Thanks again!” — Kristen Salewski, Corporate Planner, Rural Mutual Insurance Company
“Thank you, Ross! We really enjoyed your presentation, it was excellent. You have such energy and passion, and you are so inspiring. I think all of our customers felt energized and inspired after your presentation; it was just what we wanted! Thank you for working with us, we really appreciate your partnership and will look forward to working together again very soon!” — Mary Pernula, Director of Marketing, Liberty Diversified International
“Ross Bernstein delivers a very energizing and motivational presentation that captures audiences that range from students to business professionals. His connections between sports and business offer a unique approach to addressing ethics and leadership. We received tremendous feedback from all that attended his presentation and would highly recommend him. Thanks Ross, we were delighted to have you here!” — Laura Dvorak, Director of External Relations, University of North Dakota Business School
“Ross, you hit it out of the park! Thank you for speaking to the extended leadership team at OptumHealth. Your energy was contagious and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Leaders appreciated you weaving our business values and issues into your presentation, and it was refreshing to have so many winning sports stories that apply to our workplace and competitive landscape. You have the ability to tell very impactful and inspiring stories; we appreciated having you join our team for the afternoon!” — Sue Mulkern, Vice President, OptumHealth
"We had Ross come in and be our keynote speaker at our first ever awards banquet for about 200 people in our sales operations and support organization. He was very conscientious about meeting with me beforehand and making sure to tailor his presentation to our audience as well as the tenor of our meeting. It is a tough audience in that it has a wide range of people, from back office order entry folks to people who do field training in a our highly technical field to three sales VP's there to lend support. Ross did a great job during his presentation of capturing the attention of everybody in the room with his attitude and enthusiasm but most importantly with the substance of the message. Everybody could find something to relate to, and the message fit perfectly with what we were trying to get across to the team. We gathered feedback after the event, and it was literally universally positive, with Ross's contribution a big reason why. We will certainly be looking for opportunities to work with Ross in the future." — Tim Ertmer, Director, CRV Pricing and Contracting Group, Boston Scientific Corporation
“Ross, what a pleasure it was to meet you!  Our group really enjoyed the great metaphors you employed in using sports to illustrate everyday business goals. Thank you for sharing your stories with us, your presentation was entertaining and left a really positive message with all our employees.  We are also enjoying reading your books. Thanks again!” — Jane Hartigan, 3M Commercial Graphics Division

“Ross, Your presentation is still ‘hanging’ with me. You are the best speaker we have had at any function and I’ve heard from many of the attendees on how much they enjoyed it. My career as a Hotel General Manager is 20 years of service. Over that time I have had the opportunity to hear many speakers for a variety of brands from Carlson Companies, to Holiday Inn and Marriott. I have heard and met Elizabeth Dole, Jimmy Johnson, Marilyn Carlson Nelson, and many other well known speakers, but your presentation was the most heartfelt. Thank you again for the presentation and the book, my husband loved it!” — Anne Hickok, General Manager, SpringHill Suites by Marriott
“Ross… AKA: ‘All Time Fairmont Superhero!’ The organization is really buzzing today after you brought a bus load of motivation, inspiration and collaboration to our event last evening! You have a special way of creating excitement, energy and enthusiasm, with just the appropriate level of heartstring pulling — nicely timed to ‘re-wet’ the eyeballs and sometimes even dampen the cheeks! I cannot thank you enough for all you did last night for our team, ownership and for me personally. Everyone in the room was deeply touched for many reasons and in many different ways. The critical components of your presentation perfectly correlated to the key areas of focus we’ve been utilizing to rebuild the foundational fabric of our organization. Your delivery, timing and impact will further ignite the flame that is now burning brightly in the hearts and minds of Profinium-ites! Thank you, Ross, for making a meaningful, memorable and remarkable impact on my life last night! We love you, man! Thank you too for the incredible sports books you bestowed upon me! I will relish every word written by my new celebrity friend!” — Marques Doppler, CEO, Profinium Financial, Inc.
“Ross, We have just reached our 6-month mark from your presentation at LHR Hospitality's annual conference last fall. Our leadership team at the corporate office are always interested in whether our presentations for this annual event resonate and take hold for our year ahead. I felt compelled to let you know that our key management staff in the field and at the corporate office is still talking about and using the "Champion's Code" program information throughout their professional lives and many of them have used it in their personal lives as well. We speak as a company of whether we have and continue to create the optimum "DNA" in creating "Champions" everyday in our business. The hospitality industry deals us opportunities everyday for our entire organization to succeed or fail. The "Champion's Code" has been the best platform that has stuck with our associates and allowed all our assets to find and execute on champion moments that has set us apart from our competition. We love it when our hotels, restaurants, and waterparks share great customer service wins with us. I thought it was worth sharing with you that we have not previously had a post annual meeting platform that has been as successful or sustaining as your presentation on building Champion teams and Champion organizations and for that I thank you! We are looking forward to future events with you.” — Doug Rohde, President & CEO, LHR Hospitality — Lodge Hotels and Resorts
"Ross is on top of his game. I first heard him speak last year at another telecommunications convention in Iowa and was immediately impressed. His message was inspirational and thought-provoking and his delivery was contagiously energetic. My association recently invited Ross to kick-off our spring convention in Palm Springs and he was a huge hit. The membership really enjoyed his 90 minute presentation on the Champion's Code so much that many of them hadn't realized they had actually been sitting that long. From his thousands of interviews, Ross convened what makes a champion and leader. Ross is a dynamic and passionate motivational speaker and I highly recommend him." — Derrick Owens, Vice President of Government Affairs, Western Telecommunications Alliance
“Ross, Thank you for the wonderful gift you gave our management team, I have heard nothing but amazing feedback about your ‘Champion’s Code’ presentation. Many mentioned how great you tied together the sports world with the business life we all have in our careers and it was really an inspiration. Thank you!” — Deb Smith, Human Resources Director, HOM Furniture
“Ross, I want to thank you for making me look good! It’s sometimes so difficult to select a speaker that truly incorporates values, lessons learned and key takeaways for meeting attendees. Thank God I chose you to speak for MEA’s 2010 Leadership Training Track at our Annual Operations Conference at Iowa State University! You were able to demonstrate to the MEA members the ‘Miracle’ that lies within all of them. Leadership, Ethics, Team Building and Motivation are all keys to a successful organization, a rewarding career and a happy life. You gave them real life examples of each quality – amazing! The comments and evaluations were very positive, and especially for the MEA audience of hard-working utility personnel, your examples of athletes (both women and men) that set themselves apart, not only by their actions, but also by their words and deeds, kept them interested and engaged. You added a unique perspective to a fairly technical and operational conference that was a breath of fresh air. Thank you!” — Stephanie Menning, Vice President Gas Services, Midwest ENERGY Association
“It’s no secret that I am a sports fanatic. That is one of the main reasons I thoroughly enjoyed Ross Bernstein’s presentation ‘The Champion’s Code’ at our recent Meeting Professionals International Minnesota Chapter Monthly Education Program. It was a phenomenal experience, so motivating and real. It gave me the push I need to reach higher in my leadership roles both at Medtronic, Inc. and chapter. Ross is engaging, gets to the heart of the point and keeps the audience attention like not many others I’ve seen. I would definitely recommend him for your next meeting or event. Ross had some great sports analogies for business and I specifically related to athletes becoming champions by going a step further, ‘kicking it up a notch,’ as Chef Emeril Lagasse would say. In fact, I can already feel the board and committees transitioning from athletes to champions. The momentum began at the June Board Retreat and it continues in promoting membership, monthly education programs, Midwest conference, holiday event and the May gala. It is evident that creativity is flowing, excitement is building, collaboration is happening across the committee teams, and leaders are forming. Your role and involvement with the chapter can be an excellent base for your role in your career and personal lives. It transfers everywhere and to Ross’ point, be careful of that as well. Great leaders have ethics, honesty, loyalty, listening skills and many people from many places watching. Do your best and the outcomes will be positive. Whether you are a football, baseball, hockey or any other sports fan; pay close attention to the players that standout, the players that are not just athletes but champions. Ask yourself how and why they standout. Ask yourself what kind of leadership qualities do they possess and also learn from mistakes leaders make. What could Brett Favre have done differently to lead his team to victory the last few games? Okay, I had to throw that one in there! Keep up the leadership momentum MPI Minnesota chapter and have fun!” — Donna Foppoli Patrick, CMP, CMM, Manager, Group Meetings, Events & Travel, Medtronic, Inc. (President, MPI Minnesota Chapter 2010/2011)
“On behalf of the Minnesota Grain and Feed Association Board of Directors, I want to thank you for two very inspiring and entertaining presentations at our recent annual convention in Duluth.  Your message about what it takes to be a champion in our businesses and personal lives, intertwined with sports analogies to make your point, was very effective and very well received by our audience.  Your dynamic delivery, action packed power point and strategic use of humor, provided a very notable and inspiring presentation on Friday, followed by an equally inspiring and insightful presentation at our closing breakfast.  Both presentations fit together nicely, carrying the theme of values and integrity throughout. It was a pleasure meeting you and having you play such a key role in a very successful convention for our association.” — Bob Zelenka, Executive Director, Minnesota Grain and Feed Association
“Ross, thank you for being a part of the 2010 South Dakota Safety & Health Conference on October 12th, one of our best conferences ever!  Comments we heard from attendees, moderators and exhibitors in response to your keynote and breakout presentation at the show have been fantastic and full of praise.  I especially appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedule to come and speak to the group.  You did a great job! It is because of excellent presenters like you that the South Dakota Safety and Health Conference has earned a reputation for providing quality occupational safety, health and human resource training sessions.  We appreciate your support and contribution to the success of the conference.  Together,  we are ‘setting the standard.’ Again, our thanks and I hope that we can work together in the future. Thanks also for the beautiful flowers – the whole organization was able to enjoy them!!” — Cary Swenson, Executive Director South Dakota Safety Council
“Ross, your presentation on ‘The Champion’s Code’ resonated extremely well with our group and fed right into the conference’s theme of ‘Mission Possible-Facility Management Makes it Happen.’  Public school districts in Minnesota are facing some trying times with the state aid shifts that have been necessary to balance the state budget.  However, there were numerous attendees to the conference that commented on how motivated they felt after hearing you speak. The stories you told during the presentation that highlighted the differences between champions and athletes, and about how those principles can be effectively applied to any organization or individual, were outstanding.  It truly motivated the organization to develop a mission statement and left those in attendance with a true feeling that anything is possible. Personally, it was truly inspiring to talk to you, your program has relit that flame burning inside me and I have a renewed sense of drive that will only allow good things to happen.  Thank you!” — Mat Miller, Director of Facility Services (Minnesota Educational Facilities Management Professionals)
“We had Ross present two sessions at our annual conference in 2010, one on ethics and accountability and one on team building and leadership. Both were great!  Listening to Ross, you can’t help but feel empowered to become a better person in your personal and professional life.  You will ask yourself some tough questions, ‘Am I holding myself accountable for all of my actions? Is there room for improvement in my attitude both at home and at work? Am I really being the person I want people to think I am?’  Everyone I talked to after Ross’ presentations couldn’t believe how fast the time went while he was presenting.  Even if you are not a hockey fan you will love getting to know the humorous and serious sides of Herb Brooks through the stories Ross tells.” – Joni Wiederhoeft, Minnesota Financial Aid Association
“Ross Bernstein is a fresh, new face in the world of motivational presenters.  He brings perspective, inspiration and motivation to his audience through his personal story and connections to the sports world.  Our (3,000+) attendees kicked off the 34th annual USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum (2010) with Ross’s unique address that had them enthralled and ready to assimilate new information and leadership skills.  Ross, thank you for a fantastic opening keynote presentation! Absolutely great having you as one of our presenters and seminar leaders at our annual forum in Milwaukee.  You did an outstanding job as evidenced by the evaluation sheets turned in by our attendees.  I appreciate you doing your homework and knowing about Lions!” — Dr. Bill Iannaccone, General Chairman, Lions Clubs International
“Ross' insights and experiences with Herb Brooks and the ‘Miracle on Ice’ bring to life the essential elements of leadership and teamwork that Herb instilled in all of his teams. These lessons are invaluable for leaders, for teams, and for life.” — Angela Selden, Managing Partner, Accenture
“On behalf of Care Providers of Minnesota, thank you for your opening session keynote at our annual convention at the Minneapolis Hilton. Your message fit right in with our theme of ‘Dare to be Great.’ Your enthusiasm ensured a fun experience for all those in attendance and contributed towards a very successful convention for over 2,600 members in attendance. The feedback from your speech included: “Ross took a topic and inspired and motivated me to be my best in life and in work, thank you!...” “The goose bumps and tears in my eyes say it all!...” “Such energy and very captivating” “Enthusiastic!” “Great speaker, his lessons that he discussed can be applied to all facets of life!” “Excellent information that I can actually take back and use!” “Fantastic speaker!” “Very motivating!” “What a wonderful start to the convention!” — Cheryl Smith, Director of Education, Care Providers of Minnesota
“Ross's opening keynote was a fantastic kick-off for our annual MERC (Minnesota Employee Relocation Council) Conference. His presentation was visual, entertaining and one of the most innovative and thought provoking keynote speeches I have heard over the years. Ross also led two very thought provoking and inspiring breakout sessions. His presentations were very clear with lots of great examples. Ross really kept the group engaged and was the focus of discussion during our entire conference. Ross is a very dynamic speaker who presents his ideas in an exciting and interactive manner. I would highly recommend him as a speaker for any event or conference. Thanks again Ross for sharing all your time and talents with us, we have been getting lots of great ‘Buzz’ about your program(s) and the many wonderful thoughts, ideas and feelings you shared with all of us! Tons of takeaways, you are one of a kind!" — John Allen, Director International Sales, Berger Allied Van Lines
"Thank you Ross for joining us as our opening keynote speaker for the 2011 Minnesota Recreation and Park Association Annual Conference. Through your presentation, variety of motivational stories, and contagious energy, you challenged us all to be champions. We received consistent feedback from our members that this was a fantastic conference, including rave reviews of your keynote, and your contributions were a large part of this success. Thank you again for being a part of our conference and I hope to have the opportunity to work together again in the future!" – John Stutzman, Director, MRPA
Chubb Insurance Annual "Sales Circle of Excellence" Retreat Testimonials, San Diego, 2010

“Ross inspired me to not just focus on doing things well, but to do it the right way.”

“What I found to be the most eye opening is how much of an impact you as an individual can have on your team’s success, not just your own, based on carrying yourself professionally and displaying certain other strong characteristics. I also liked his part on enjoying whatever you are passionate about whether its your job or something outside of your job which is only made possible if you work hard so you are able to enjoy those things.”

“I loved Ross’s presentation. I thought it was perfect for our event and left with some very good ideas for my own business/personal mission statement!”

“I found Ross to be motivational and he did an excellent job of relating his stories to what we do in business. He really made you think - creating a code, mission statement, dash, etc.”

“I think the one chord that truly resonated with me, and has for some time, was the point regarding accountability. It is our job as underwriters to drive the business and do what we can to close deals. We can’t just spit out a quote and close our eyes. We have to follow up, compare coverage, emphasize the Chubb difference. Essentially ‘going into the corners’ as Ross put it. If we are doing that and deals still don’t close, then we are still accountable for communicating with our managers and telling them what we see or what we need.”

“Ross was very motivational, with lots of energy. I felt that even though I know nothing about Hockey, I know a little now, that his sports stories told a story that everyone can relate to. I enjoyed his session very much and will enjoy reading his book. I am going to think more about my ‘code’ and defining it and how it works in my life. I am also going to use some of the ‘champion’ strategies he shared to continue to grow and hopefully be more successful. Thanks for bringing him in for us.”

“Ross has a unique ability to draw correlations of perseverance, strength and commitment from notable sports moments in history. He had the ability to show how hard work and dedication pays off by building strong teams and pushing yourself to the furthest of your ability. He made me want to work harder and stronger than I have in the past, and made me realize how hard true champions have to work!”

“I am a sports fan, although I know nothing about hockey, I was still able to easily relate to Ross’ entire presentation. The biggest reason I liked it is because he challenged all of us to create ‘our code’ professionally and personally and to not be ashamed to be passionate about it. It personally resonated with me that day that it’s okay to be good at what I do and to be passionate and care, even about insurance. We shouldn’t feel ‘bad’ because we won the ‘Sales Circle of Excellence,’ which believe it or not some of us struggle with as our internal Chubb culture continues to evolve into more a production/sales organization. I enjoyed it a lot. If given the opportunity, I would go to see him speak again.”

“I thought his discussion about the assist being as important, if not more important, than the goal was a good analogy regarding how we market at Chubb. It’s how I market. Across all SBUs. Trying to bring in business that I might not get direct credit for but that will ultimately help our bottom line. Many of the qualities he mentioned regarding being a champion are the same qualities I see in many of the people I work with here every day.”

“As for what inspired me, there were a few things. First, it can be easy to lose site about the importance of balance and priorities. We get catch-up in the race and forget about the bigger picture. Ross’ comments were a good reminder for me. Second, his message was clear: he energizes and connects people through inspirational sports stories. It made me stop and think about my message and how I connect with our internal team, our agents and our insured’s. Finally, I liked his whole concept of ‘codes’ and the importance of having those defined.”

“Ross was energetic, positive thinking, and always looked at the bright side of a situation. His stories and career re-engaged me into liking what I do and keeping a positive attitude. By keeping a positive attitude, it’s contagious to those around me and make each day pleasant and fun.”

“Since becoming the Director of Athletics at the University of Minnesota, the most energetic, entertaining and motivational person I have met is Ross Bernstein. He has a passion for sports and a love for people, and is worth the ‘price of admission.’ He loves history, as is evident by his many books, and uses many serious and humorous anecdotes from his research in his presentations. Ross has a message for everyone.” — Joel Maturi, Gopher Athletics Director
Ross: Thank you for the marvelous presentation you gave to our members at the 2006 Minnesota Turkey Growers Association Summer Leadership Conference in Two Harbors. It was interesting, humorous, poignant, family friendly – and really gave everyone some excellent messages to take home with them. Our families also thought the complimentary books to the children in the audience were a very thoughtful touch. I conducted a post-show web survey of our attendees, and 100 percent of those who responded indicated that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with your presentation. I’m not surprised – the anecdotal feedback I received was extremely positive. I know I am completely safe in saying that no one went home disappointed!” — Lara Durben, Communications & Program Director, Minnesota Turkey Growers Association
“Having Ross as a closing speaker at our annual conference was wonderful! His passion for sports is matched by few; and his ability to relate practical ideas in an entertaining way left us engaged and inspired. I think that many in the audience had first-hand memories of the 1980 Olympic “Miracle on Ice,” and Ross’ recount of the event was refreshing, enlightening and thought provoking. What a way to close out the highest attended conference (400+) in our 21 year history!” — Mary Kate Cole, Vice President, Upper Midwest Automated Clearing House Assn.
“Ross was able to convey to our audience his emotion and closeness to Herb Brooks and at the same time was able to deliver the keys to Herb’s success: hard work, the ability to relate to the common person, and how to make changes as needed in order to survive. Ross had the audience’s undivided attention during the entire presentation.” — Kevin Larson, CEO, Consolidated Telecommunications Co.
“When the opportunity for a speaker presented itself for our annual Visit Minneapolis North Sports Breakfast, I thought who better then best-selling sports author Ross Bernstein. Ross doesn’t just share any story; he shares the story of hockey legend Herb Brooks. Ross captivated our audience as he told the touching story of Coach Brooks. As a presenter, Ross has an incredible talent of relating to people and conveying the values and history of what Herb Brooks stood for. Following the breakfast I received calls and e-mails from attendees who were personally touched. They expressed to me how they wanted to become better role models, coaches and team members. Sometimes our inner passion fogs over at work and in our personal lives. After listening to Ross, many of us left parting the clouds only to set higher standards for ourselves, determined not to settle for anything less than excellence.” — Amanda Daninger, Director of Visit Minneapolis North (a tourism and convention organization representing 11 cities in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area)
“Ross Bernstein’s passion, admiration and respect for Herb Brooks was evident. His sharing of experiences and the lessons learned were inspirational and provided concepts I could use both personally and professionally. A must do experience even for those of us who are not hockey fans.” — Tim Rice, President, Associated Healthcare
“Ross Bernstein’s motivational message about the legendary life of Herb Brooks was a huge hit at our customer event, as it was both entertaining and topical for even non-hockey fans. Ross’ ability to intertwine these lessons of growth and leadership into our business and industry story really drove home the value of our organization to our client base. We appreciated that in preparation for the event, he took time to tour our facilities in order to get to know our organization and our challenges. I would definitely recommend using Ross for any client or employee event.” — Trina Patrick, Director of Marketing, Artistic Finishes, Inc.
“Ross presented to roughly 500 of our executives at our annual leadership conference in Chicago. The theme for our group’s strategy evolved around the ‘Miracle on Ice’ story and the core messages of Speed, Creativity, Conditioning and Team Chemistry. As we dug into the ‘Miracle’ story, we became intrigued to understand more about Herb Brooks’ leadership lessons and formula for success. I believe there is no one more qualified to share Herb’s story and insights than Ross. From my first conversation with Ross, he was very passionate about helping us build our own ‘gold medal’ winning team. Prior to presenting at the meeting, Ross went above and beyond to do a tremendous amount of research and interviewing to truly understand our company, our culture and our priorities. The insights he gained allowed him to tailor his messages, rhetoric and stories to our team. Ross is a humble, yet very energetic speaker. He brought Herbie’s story and lessons to life by sharing various stories, quotes and anecdotes from this remarkable coach, mentor and leader.” — Mary Bartlett, Director of Operations, Accenture
“Ross Bernstein was the keynote speaker at the Minnesota Society of CPA’s Annual Tax conference 2009 (2,000+ Attendees at the Minneapolis Convention Center). He was refreshing and interesting and a great way to get our conference under way. He has a passion for sports and wonderful stories about his mentor Herb Brooks. The conference received many excellent comments on his subject and delivery. One of the best comments was: ‘Very good speaker… even though I don’t know the difference between a clothes line and the blue line!’ I would highly recommend Ross as a speaker for any organization.” — Roger Landy, Minnesota Society of CPA’s Tax Conference Task Force Chair
“Ross spoke at our annual conference and we just loved his energy. His’ ‘What’s Your Code’ presentation was a big hit at our luncheon and we got a lot of great feedback from our members. The way he took sports stories and related them back to the business world was fantastic. Our group has a lot of sports fans in it, so his message was a great fit for us. I would absolutely recommend him in a heartbeat, he’s a terrific speaker.” — Kevin McMullen, President, Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association
“One of our managers had heard Ross speak at a conference and told me that we needed to get this guy in right away. So, I immediately called him and that next week we were lucky enough to get him to come over and speak at our annual sales recognition dinner. His presentation about Herb Brooks and the ‘Miracle on Ice’ was a huge hit and really resonated with our sales team. Whether you are a hockey fan or not, you can’t help but get inspired by listening to Ross talk about Herb’s amazing leadership and team-building skills. What a fascinating story. Our group really enjoyed his hour long presentation and found it to be not only funny and interesting, but also extremely motivating. As a company that deals with technology and customer service, we are always looking for new and better ways of doing things. Ross really connected with our people and got their attention. His program was just so different from anything we had ever seen before and I couldn’t be happier with the results. If you enjoyed the Disney movie ‘Miracle,’ then this presentation is for you. I highly recommend it.” — Jerry Mathwig, President & CEO, Metro Sales, Inc.
“Ross has a great enthusiasm for sports, writing and people! Ross spoke to our group of tax and customs professionals in Alexandria, MN. Prior to the event, he took the time to meet with several people from our department, so that he was able to tailor the presentation to our group. His unique presentation on the Miracle on Ice was a big hit. His message resonated with our group through his humor and memorable stories. Ross challenges you to apply his messages on both a personal and professional level. I received very positive feedback from many members of our group, and it was great to be able to work with him!” — Mary Stoe, Analyst, Cargill Global Tax and Customs
“Motivation. Inspiration. Passion. Leadership. These are all familiar words and concepts, but Ross Bernstein’s presentation ‘Do You Believe in Miracles’ reinforced the excitement we all feel when we are successful at inspiring and motivating others, and leading with passion. Ross’ presentation was heavily laced with great ‘pearls of wisdom’ that leaders can take back to the workplace and implement for immediate success. Great job, Ross. Keep doing what you are doing... you are great at it!” — Mary Klimp, CEO, Queen of Peace Hospital, New Prague, MN
“Ross was the featured luncheon speaker at our annual workshop at the Alltel Center in Mankato and was a HUGE hit with our attendees. He is an excellent speaker. His enthusiasm was contagious, and the stories and experiences he shared were very motivating and inspiring. All the feedback we received from our attendees was extremely positive and Ross was repeatedly mentioned as a speaker of considerable interest. One comment in particular pretty much says it all. In response to our request for workshop comments, one attendee replied: “More speakers like Ross!” Thanks so much for a fantastic presentation, Ross!” — Matthew Zeller, P.E., Executive Director, Concrete Paving Association of Minnesota
“I had the privilege of spending a few days with Ross as a result of him speaking to our annual Kick-Off Meetings for C&B Operations (a 16 store John Deere Dealer in five states of the upper Midwest.) At the conclusion of the events, Ross had transcended his role as a speaker to that of a friend and mentor of many of us within the leadership group. More importantly, we have found many of our skilled employees (Parts & Sales Representatives and Service Technicians) talking about his message and his ability to connect the story of Herb Brooks to our purpose and plan for the future. The net result was Ross’ message resonated with all levels of the company and connected to our objectives and actions. Ross has the unique ability to captivate people with his genuine charismatic personality; ignite all levels of his audience into a call for a higher cause than their own; and help his clients embed their message in a fun-filled way. At the conclusion, he makes the challenge for all of us to find our passion, define it, and then find a way to make it come true!” — Kent Senf, COO, C&B Operations
“Having the good fortune to have witnessed some great presentations throughout my career in the various associations that I belong to, I was not only inspired, but I was mystified by Ross’ knowledge, expertise and pure passion for a topic that I know nothing about. I am not a sports enthusiast, but every time he related a sports story to a business principle, I was immediately able to draw a connection.  I had a lot of take-aways.” — Larry Furiani, Vice President, Coaster Company of America (...on Ross’ ‘What’s Your Code’ keynote at the FMG national conference at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas)
National Utility Training & Safety Education Association Conference Evaluation Results: “That was awesome!” “Great speaker and interesting presentation! “Picked up good information – The harder you work, the luckier you get.” “Boy, what a great speaker…” “I found myself taking many notes ... a reminder to keep dreaming and to follow through with them…” “What enthusiasm!!” “Very good speaker…” “I’m a Minnesota native and hockey fan, topic right up my alley – great message…” “Great speaking ability, good training tools…” “Entertaining and informative…” “Great information on how to persevere in all situations…” “I am not a hockey fan, but after listening to Ross, I might become one…” “One of the best speakers ever…” “Good confidence builder…” “Very entertaining. Inspirational…” “Great, what passion, heart & wisdom…”
“Ross certainly engaged our attendees, providing just the right mix of ‘information’ and ‘inspiration.’ He also earned top marks on our speaker evaluations.” — Marshall MacKay, President/CEO, Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota
“We had Ross open our conference for the American Public Works Association Minnesota Chapter this Spring and he did a GREAT job. We have found that opening with an inspirational speaker, especially in these current times, sets the tone for the conference. Ross did an outstanding job of discussing team work, leadership and goal setting; while drawing from sports to business and back again. We in Minnesota also understand hockey and have a special feeling for coach Herb Brooks. It is very obvious that Ross and Herb had a special relationship and it was heartfelt by everyone in the crowd. I would recommend Ross to any group that is looking to start or finish a conference on a positive note.” — Dan Gage, President, American Public Works Association, Minnesota Chapter
“Ross, Thank you for speaking to the Minnesota County Engineers Association. You delivered the perfect stories to help motivate and establish professionalism within our organization and our membership. Your story about Herb Brooks and the “Miracle on Ice” was delivered with unprecedented passion and demonstrated the importance of hard work. Your second presentation, “What’s Your Code” was referred to several times over the remainder of the conference and was very well received. The sports metaphors used to highlight the unwritten rules, individual roles and responsibilities rang true with all the attendees. Thanks again!” — Brian Giese, Co-Chair MCEA Summer Conference Committee
“Ross brought a highly motivational message to our group. Throughout the evening he kept us on the edges of our chairs as we waited for him to tell us the next Herb Brooks story, to which he would follow it up with how we could use that information in our daily lives. At the end of the night the room was a buzz with people talking about what their ‘passions’ and ‘legacies” were going to be.” — Dave Crowley, President, Minnesota Employee Recreation & Services Council
“In a change of pace, and at some risk, we elected to revamp our annual conference format. We replaced our final morning educational sessions with a featured ‘get away’ speaker, Ross Bernstein. Our goals for Ross were challenging: keep people from leaving early, be relevant and engaging to both attendees AND their largely female spouses, and send everyone on their way feeling happy they decided to come to our conference. Ross scored a hat-trick, delivering on every count. His fast-paced, visual-rich presentation was just what we needed. We are glad we choose Ross and highly recommend him for your conference or meeting.” — John Hausladen, 
Minnesota Trucking Association
“The Minnesota Pharmacists Association would like to thank you for the wonderful presentation that you gave for the 2009 Fall Clinical Symposium held on Sept. 12th at the Radisson Conference Center in Plymouth, MN. We were delighted with your presentation and the attendee evaluations were very favorable. Thanks again for your great program!” — Julie Johnson, Minnesota Pharmacists Association
“I heard Ross speak for the first time at an MSAE Speaker Showcase and new right away that he would be a great fit for our group! We held a Leadership Summit with all of our incoming volunteer leadership from around the state and decided to go with a keynote speaker in the middle of our day long program. The REALTOR® group loved Ross’s program and message! He was funny, motivating and kept their attention throughout. When Ross tells his stories and shares his experiences, you can’t help but feel his passion for what he does – and you can’t help but feel good when his program is over!” — Carrie Andersen, Director of Member Services, Minnesota Association of Realtors
“I was delighted with Ross’ keynote address on Role Modeling in Sport, presented at the Anti-Doping Congress (Steroids in Sports) in Louisville, Ky, October 23 & 24, 2007. Ross demonstrated his ability to synthesize his knowledge and experience and integrate them with the goals of the conference. His commitment to contributing to a positive outcome for the Congress was reflected in the evaluations we received. His passionate talk about Herb Brooks showed his knowledge of sport, and illuminated ingredients in an optimal role model; characteristics to which we can all aspire! Go Ross!” — Aynsley M. Smith RN, PhD, Coordinator of the 2007 Anti-Doping Congress (Sponsored by the Mayo Clinic, NCAA & The Association for Applied Sport Psychology)
“From the moment I first met Ross while he was doing a book signing at a Wild game, I knew that he would be the perfect choice as our guest speaker at our annual Leadership Conference in St. Paul. His passion and enthusiasm for life, and for hockey, are contagious. Herbie’s life lessons, as told through Ross, spoke volumes to our group of business owners. I would hire him again in a heartbeat!” — Laurie Johnson, Event Marketing Coordinator, Ergodyne Corporation
“Ross was the keynote speaker at the 2008 MACO eCounties conference in Alexandria. His presentation and story fit together perfectly with the conference theme of ‘Working Together: Going for the Gold.’ Ross connected with attendees as he shared lessons learned from his friend and mentor Herb Brooks on adapting to change, dealing with adversity and building teams. Following Ross’ address many gathered around him for more conversation. I received a lot of great feedback on Ross’ presentation and I appreciate the positive impact he had on our conference.” — Jennifer Wagenius, Co-Chair MACO e-Counties
“I so very much enjoyed meeting Ross at our executive meeting in Chicago. His passion and enthusiasm was contagious in his presentation of Herb Brooks’ leadership style and approach for creating a united vision and strategy for success. There are very few stories that can rally a team of executives like the 1980 US Olympic hockey team’s seemingly impossible gold medal win. Ross’ messages are spot-on for business in today’s environment.” — Kristen Richardson, Vice President, Accenture
“Ross presented to our team of Insurance Sales Professionals on the Champions Code and it could not have gone any better. The presentation was motivational, entertaining and enlightening. After the conference we had a social hour for all of our people and they were still buzzing about the fantastic presentation by Ross. The presentation did a great job of using sports analogies to make everyone stop and think about business goals and strategies as well as personal goals and strategies. I would also note that we had a number of non-sports fans in the audience and they were some of the first to marvel about how entertaining and enlightening the topics were.” — Toby Kommer, Chief Financial Officer, Bank Forward